Saumitra Mathur was born and raised in India. From an early age he was inclined towards music and arts. He started his career with teaching web, graphic and multimedia tools at a prominent design institute in late nineties and specialized in print design and CD ROM presentations. Following a successful two years in the institute he moved to Rang Puhar Performing Arts, who specialize in cultural exchange programs all over the world and is in operational relations with UNESCO. A big break came in 2003 when Wizcraft International, a well-known event management firm in India, hired him as a Multimedia Designer. At Wizcraft he produced multimedia / CD ROM presentations and designed / supervised print collaterals for various events. The list of events included some magnanimous ones like The First Afro Asian Games - 2003, International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards and Fashion Awards.


In 2005 after gaining adequate work experience in India, Saumitra moved to New York to study at Parsons The New School for Design where his study was in the realms of interactive design and narrative structures. Since graduating with a MFA in Design and Technology he has been involved with Flash based web projects and developing Tag (interactive) books for children at Scholastic Media.